Show Me The Marshmallow PEEPS

I am kind of mind boggled by all the recipes floating around using Marshmallow PEEPS®. There are so many creative uses of PEEPS and PEEPS products that it blows my mind.

There are Tuxedo PEEPS, DIY PEEPS, and there is even something called the PEEPS Show. It’s a contest were people craft ridiculously creative PEEPS dioramas. Yes, dioramas of Marshmallow PEEPS!

Show Me The Marshmallow PEEPS

Before we get anymore PEEPS crazy, I want to let you in on a little secret…I don’t like PEEPS. It’s nothing personal; I just don’t care for marshmallows. However, I have to say that I enjoy the PEEPS craze and creativity immensely. It’s so fun and screams EASTER and SPRING!

My husband and I, he enjoys PEEPS, once had good fun watching Marshmallow PEEPS bunnies expand like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in our microwave. I laugh just thinking about it. So juvenile and kind of cruel to the PEEPS bunnies, but it was good times. I mean seriously, you know you’ve tried it. Right?!

I won’t be eating any marshmallow PEEPS this year myself, but I do plan on jumping on the PEEPS craze and baking PEEPS Cutout Cookies. I snagged these PEEPS Cookie Cutters and I am busting at the seams to try them out. I’d also LOVE to attempt some of these other PEEPS creations for my PEEPS loving husband, family, and friends.

Well, now that I’ve said PEEPS so many times it doesn’t even sound like a word, here are a few fun with PEEPS recipes that are just peeping to be shared. Show me the PEEPS!

Show Me The Marshmallow PEEPS

1. PEEPcock Cupcakes ❀ The Fickle Hobbyist
2. Peeping PEEPS ❀ Miss Candiquik
3. Hula Bunny PEEPS ❀ Sugar Swings! Serve Some
4. PEEPS Eclair Cake Cups ❀ Inside BruCrew Life

Show Me The Marshmallow PEEPS

5. PEEPS Peek-A-Boo Cupcakes ❀ Katrina’s Kitchen
6. PEEPS Sunflower Cake ❀ Taste of Home
7. PEEPS S’Mores ❀ LiveLovePasta
8. PEEPS Pops ❀ Love From The Oven

Show Me The Marshmallow PEEPS

9. PEEP Infused Vodka ❀ Baking Bites
10. PEEPa-Colada ❀
11. PEEP S’Mores Bars ❀ Simply Silhouette
12. Marshmallow PEEPS Cookie Sandwiches ❀ Sally’s Baking Addiction

Show Me The Marshmallow PEEPS

13. PEEPS & Patron ❀ Smart School House
14. PEEPS Candy Bars ❀ The Domestic Rebel
15. PEEPS Cake Batter Candy ❀ Cookies & Cups
16. PEEPS Chick Surprise-Inside Cupcakes ❀ Betty Crocker

Show Me The Marshmallow PEEPS

17. Marshmallow PEEP Martini ❀ She Knows
18. PEEPS Easter Cake ❀ Mommy’s Fabulous Finds
19. PEEPS On A Stick ❀ Your Homebased Mom
20. PEEPza ❀ Serious Eats

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2 Responses To "Show Me The Marshmallow PEEPS"

  1. 1

    Confession, I dislike PEEPS too. :) Likely why I get so excited about baking PEEPS cakes, cookies and chocolates. Because you can’t deny they’re cute! Also, the PEEP Show is my favorite time of year. So amazing.

    • I am totally with you. Bring on the PEEPS cakes, cookies and chocolates! These treats look really fun though, and I can get into that. :)

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